Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Trends You Should Get Familiar With In 2023/2024

Decentralized Finance
Decentralized Finance

Khaled Hawari, also known as Kal, is a Canadian financial expert. The fintech and accounting advisor has many years of experience studying everything relating to decentralized finance or DeFi. As a result, Khaled Hawari (Ottawa) is one of the best financial experts you can trust when it comes to getting advice regarding DeFi investment.


Kal doesn’t only offer helpful guides on DeFi investments based on his opinion. In addition, he also conducts thorough market research before coming up with information on various financial topics. That said, in the rest of this article, Kal Hawari Ottawa will help you understand the different trends in the DeFi market for 2023/2024.

What exactly is decentralized finance?

If you’re very familiar with how traditional financial institutions work, then it’s safe to say you know one or two things about decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi is an emerging industry designed to revolutionize how the traditional finance industry works.


According to Khaled Hawari Ottawa, the concept of decentralized finance focuses on how to make financial services and products readily accessible to all investors. This thing is possible through blockchain technology, which is known as a decentralized network.

DeFi trends in 2023 & 2024

As an investor, getting familiar with decentralized finance trends is key to helping you make smart decisions regarding your investments. With trend analysis, you won’t only be able to check and identify preliminary financial statements for market turbulence.

Decentralized Finance
Decentralized Finance

That said, below are a few DeFi trends Kal Hawari Ottawa wants you to get familiar with for 2023 & 2024:

1.   The push to use issue loans with real-world assets (RWAs)

Before going ahead, you need to understand that real-life assets are already helping decentralized finance to unlock some of the largest financial markets. Yes, RWAs are now allowing DeFi to unlock liquidity (in large amounts) for small businesses to access.


According to Kal, large decentralized finance lending firms will soon start collaborating with traditional banks to issue loans by asking for collateral in the form of RWAs.

2.   Monetization of blockchain gaming

According to Khaled Hawari Ottawa, another DeFi trend you need to know about is that decentralized finance will soon start helping to monetize blockchain gaming.


According to recent stats, roughly 2 billion individuals globally engage in blockchain gaming. Reports reveal that these individuals spend roughly $159 billion yearly on gaming. This figure is also expected to increase in 2025 to about $256 billion. Through Defi protocols, blockchain gaming will be able to generate more revenue. Players get to mine tokens as they try to achieve their gaming goals.

3.   Compliance & security

If you know a little bit about DeFi, you’ll agree that security and compliance are two challenges that investors often experience. According to Kal Hawari Ottawa, security will be the main focus of DeFi in the coming year. This will help to reduce the rate at which money theft occurs on various DeFi platforms.

4.   The solution to scalability issues

Apart from the problems of DDoS and contract limitation, the decentralized finance industry also experiences scalability issues. In case you don’t know, scalability is the ability of a DeFi system to grow big without encountering any performance degradation.


According to Khaled Hawari Ottawa, you should expect cross-chain technology, also known as crypto bridges, to help solve the DeFi scalability issues to some extent in the coming year. Yes, crypto bridges will make it possible and easy for you to migrate your assets from one blockchain to another. This won’t only help you to scale quickly but also allow you to enjoy the goodies that are native to a particular ecosystem.

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