The Best Corals for Your Reef Tank: Aquatic Marvels That Will Enhance Your Aquascape

best coral for reef tank
Close up shot on Purple Milky Stilophora SPS coral in coral reef aquarium tank

Choosing the Best Coral Species for Your Reef Tank

As you gaze into your reef tank, you long to elevate its beauty and take your aquascape to the next level. With over 2,000 species of coral to choose from, the possibilities may seem endless. But where to start? Fear not. We’ve compiled the definitive guide to the most stunning corals that will transform your reef into a mesmerizing underwater oasis. From vibrant branching forms to alien-like large polyp stony corals, we’ll explore can’t-miss varieties and care tips to help you thrive. You’ll soon be hypnotized by swaying tentacles and neon hues lighting up your tank. So get ready to dive in – your dream aquascape awaits for best coral for reef tank.

Our Top 10 Picks for Stunning Reef Tank Corals

When selecting corals for your reef tank, consider the needs of the individual species and your aquarium conditions. Some of the best corals for beginners include:

– **Soft corals** like leather corals and mushroom corals. These corals do not produce reef structures and are easy to care for, requiring moderate lighting and water flow.

– **Large polyp stony (LPS) corals** such as torch corals, frogspawn corals and bubble corals. LPS corals secrete calcium carbonate to form coral skeletons and polyps. They need strong lighting and water circulation but tend to be hardy and fast-growing.

– **Small polyp stony (SPS) corals** such as acropora and montipora. Although more difficult to keep, SPS corals can create stunning aquascapes. They demand intense light, pristine water quality and strong water movement. Only consider SPS corals if you have experience.

When adding new corals, place them in spots with suitable lighting and flow based on their needs. Give corals space to grow and be cautious when positioning aggressive species like large polyp stony corals near soft corals. Quarantine new corals before adding them to your main tank.

With the proper selection and care, a variety of coral species can co-exist and turn your reef tank into a thriving underwater paradise. Do research to determine which corals are compatible and suited to your aquarium conditions. Your reef tank inhabitants will reward you for your efforts with their brilliant colors and intriguing forms.

Best Coral for Reef Tank FAQ: Answering Common Questions on Keeping Corals

When selecting corals for your reef tank, you’ll want to choose specimens that are not only visually striking but also compatible with your existing aquatic conditions. The following options are some of our top recommendations for enhancing your reef aquascape with minimal hassle.

The elegantly branched **Pocillopora damicornis**, or cauliflower coral, comes in an array of colors and is one of the easiest corals to care for. It requires moderate lighting and flow, and a stable pH between 8 and 8.4.

For a fluorescent pop of color, consider the **Discosoma spp.**, such as the red mushroom coral or green mushroom coral. These corals fare best in low to moderate lighting and minimal water flow. They prefer a pH between 8 and 8.3.

If you’re looking to replicate a reef-like appearance, **Acropora spp.**, such as the staghorn coral or table coral, produce intricate branches well suited for that purpose. However, they demand strong lighting, turbulent flow, and pristine water conditions with a pH between 8.2 and 8.4.

The **Euphyllia spp.**, such as the hammer coral and frogspawn coral, feature tentacle-like polyps that sway gently in the current. They thrive in moderate lighting and flow with a stable pH between 8 and 8.4.

For maximum visual drama, the **Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals**can’t be beat. Varieties like the elegance coral, trumpet coral, and candy cane coral are ideal for centerpiece specimens in a reef tank. Provide strong lighting, moderate flow, and a pH between 8.1 and 8.4.

With the right care and conditions, these vivid corals can transform your reef tank into a colorful underwater wonderland. By starting with a balanced mix of easy-to-care-for and showstopping options, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a thriving reef aquascape.


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